SEDAAG wins Bowl at AAG

Congratulations to the SEDAAG World Geography Bowl Team who won a well-fought battle with Middle States to become the 2024 World Geography Bowl champs! Our two undergrads, Alex Perry from Georgia Southern University and Kaleb Dunlap from University of Mary Washington tied for 6th place in the individual rankings and all 6 players scored in the top 25 for individual rankings.
Team members include:
Kaleb Dunlap, University of Mary Washington
Seth Kannarr, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Alex Perry, Georgia Southern University
Audrey Smith, University of Florida
Jessica Striley, University of Florida
Jack Swab, University of Kentucky
Also thanks to volunteers from the SEDAAG region:
Question writers: Thomas Bell, Dennis Edgell, Peggy Gripshover, Joshua Brian Hodge, Jeff Neff, Caleb Smith, and Chase Womack
Moderator – Paul McDaniel
Judges – Joshua Brian Hodge and Chase Womack
And especially to Lee Nolan and Jamison Conley who stayed awake until almost 4am ET to be our Master Scorekeepers!

Southeastern Geographer 8th Annual Cover Art Photo Contest

See the entries here and vote:

Each issue of the Southeastern Geographer includes a front-cover photograph of the American South by a SEDAAG member accompanied by a short essay. As part of its annual photo contest, the Southeastern Geographer will hold a virtual photo contest to select potential covers for its four issues. The photos will be displayed on the SEDAAG Website and voted on by conference attendees via a Google Form. Attendees will be asked to vote by midnight on Sunday, November 19th. The results will be announced at the SEDAAG Awards Ceremony.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 SEDAAG Mini-grant competition for Ph.D. student members.

Recipients will receive a $500 grant for dissertation-related expenses and are requested to present the results of their work at the Norfolk meeting (November 19-20)
Robert Gudia, University of South Carolina
Rachel Arney, University of Georgia
Greg Carlton, UNC Greensboro
Reagan Yessler, University of Tennessee
Jack Swab, University of Kentucky

Southeastern Geographer given an Impact Factor!

Dear Friends of Southeastern Geographer,

It is with great pleasure to announce that beginning fall 2023, Southeastern Geographer will receive an impact factor. Since its inception in 1961, the flagship journal of the Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers (SEDAAG) has published research on a wide variety of topics relating to the American South. Contributing authors have represented researchers from all career stages ranging from emerging to senior scholars. We are hopeful that with the inclusion of an impact factor, more scholars will consider Southeastern Geographer as a potential publication outlet.

This milestone for Southeastern Geographer reflects a collective effort including the contributions of the past and present editorial teams, long-term support from SEDAAG, scholarly contributions from authors, and thoughtful feedback from reviewers.  Finally, the University of North Carolina Press has been an advocate of Southeastern Geographer and was an influential actor in the decision to receive an impact factor.

We look forward to receiving your scholarly work in the upcoming year as the journal continues to publish interesting and timely articles about the geography of the American South.

Kind Regards,


Selima Sultana and Paul Knapp

Co-Editors, Southeastern Geographer

Department of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

University of North Carolina Greensboro

Congratulations to the 2020 SEDAAG Award Winners!

2020 Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. James Campbell, Virginia Tech

2020 Outstanding Service Award
Dr. Katherine Hankins, Georgia State University

2020 Excellence in Teaching Award
Dr. Robert Oliver, Virginia Tech
Doctoral Student Paper Winner
Yasin Wahid Rabby, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Title: “Exploring the effects of Mahalanobis distance-based absence data sampling method on the landslide susceptibility mapping”

Master’s Student Paper Winner
Reagan Yessler, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Title: “Talking Back”: Louise Jefferson’s Life and Legacy of Counter-Mapping”

Master’s Student Poster Winner
Yvonne Marsan, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Title: “Changing Landscapes in the South, 1970 – 2020:
Emergence of Asian Indian Temples and Sanctuaries in North Carolina”

Undergraduate Poster Competition (Tie)
Lilian Hutchens, University of South Carolina
Title: “Improving Conservation Planning for the Congaree Biosphere Reserve”
– and –
Sierra Moore, Conservation Management Institute, Virginia Tech
Title: “Effects of Clearing Linear Features through Forest Patches in WV and VA”

Southeastern Geographer Best Paper Award
Evaluating Exposure to Coastal Hazards in the Supervised Offender Population Using Social Disorganization Theory. Ashleigh Price, David M. Cochran Jr, George Raber, Joshua Hill. Southeastern Geographer, Volume 60, Number 3, Fall 2020, pp. 215-234 DOI:

Southeastern Geographer Cover Art Contest Winners (Tie)
A. (Alex) Cooper, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
– and –
Caleb Smith, Jones College

World Geography Bowl Student Winners
5th Place, Kyler Stanley, Virginia Tech
4th Place, Thomas Vogel, East Carolina University
3rd Place, Sarah VanSchoick, University of Florida
2nd Place, Peter Forister, Virginia Tech
1st Place and Most Valuable Player, Nicholas Grondin, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


2020 Election Results

The 2020 SEDAAG election results are here:

Vice President: Jennifer Rahn
Secretary: Craig Ramseyer
GA Rep: Eric Spears
MS Rep: Brian Williams
NC Rep: Sarah Praskievicz
TN Rep: Ingrid Luffman
VA Rep: Anamaria Bukvic


Newly elected officers will take charge immediately after the 2020 SEDAAG Virtual Meeting.


Congratulations to all elected officials.

Southeastern Geographer 5th Annual Cover Art Photo Contest

Each issue of the Southeastern Geographer includes a front-cover photograph of the American South by a member of SEDAAG accompanied by a short essay.  To solicit images for the upcoming year, the Southeastern Geographer will hold a virtual photo contest to select the potential covers for the four issues.  The photos will be displayed on the SEDAAG Virtual Annual Meeting Website and will be judged by virtual conference attendees via a Google Form ballot.  Attendees will be asked to vote by noon on Saturday, November 7th with the results announced at the SEDAAG Awards Ceremony.

To enter a photo in the contest:

Send by email a high-resolution digital photograph and a maximum 150-word description of the geographic phenomenon related to the American South captured or evoked in the photograph to Southeastern Geographer Editors at ( by midnight on October 30, 2020. Please indicate “SEDAAG Photo Contest 2020” in the subject line.

SEDAAG Call for Award Nominations

Dear SEDAAG members,

The SEDAAG Honors Committee is seeking nominations for the annual awards given at the annual regional meeting. Please see the list of awards below, though note that these awards are separate from the Student Honors competitions. Information for those competitions is posted on the SEDAAG Website.

Complete submissions for the SEDAAG Honors nominees should be sent in PDF format (multiple file submissions are perfectly fine) to Dr. Eric Spears, Honors Committee chair, at  All honors-related questions should also be directed to Dr. Spears.


 Lifetime Achievement Award: Nominees for this award should meet the following criteria: (1) An extensive record of research and publication in scholarly journals, books, and other appropriate formats; (2) A record of excellence in teaching and advising as evidenced by teaching awards, students advised, and other appropriate measures; (3) A record of service contributions to the individual’s educational institution in the form of administrative positions, committee work, and community contact; (4) A record of support to the geography profession whether through formal services to international, national, or regional organizations or informal work in the public domain.

Research Honors Award: Nominees for this award should meet the following criteria: (1) A significant record of quality research and publication in scholarly journals, books, and other appropriate formats. This record may reflect the cumulative work of several years or the publication of important contributions in a shorter period of time; (2) Evidence of research leadership at both an institutional (college, university, industry) and organizational level (professional associations) where scholarly papers are presented and students and colleagues are advised.

Outstanding Service Award: Nominees for this award should meet the following criteria: (1) Evidence of exceptional professional commitment to geography at any level, including service to professional organizations; colleges and universities; primary and secondary education; local, state, or national government; private business and industry; (2) Examples of worthy contributions include but are not limited to appointed or elected professional offices, journal editorships, professional organization committees, speaking or otherwise providing leadership in a variety of public forums, and publication in the popular press.

Excellence in Teaching Award: Nominations are invited for the SEDAAG Excellence in Teaching Award. The award acknowledges sustained excellence and creativity in the college classroom. Nominations from current and former students are especially welcome. Nominees for this award should meet the following criteria: (1) Exceptional commitment to effective geography teaching; (2) Record of efforts to help diffuse excellent geography teaching beyond one’s immediate classroom (teaching-related publications, workshops, web sites, textbooks, etc.); (3) Recognition of teaching excellence by department, school, or other organizations; (4) Support of teaching excellence via student evaluations or comments.

Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Award: Nominations are invited for the SEDAAG Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Award. Some faculty spend many hours helping students to come up with research ideas, and then help students develop those ideas into poster or oral presentations without recognition as a co-author. The award acknowledges sustained excellence in undergraduate mentoring. Nominations from current and former students are especially welcome. Nominees for this award should meet the following criteria:

(1) Sustained involvement as mentor or advisor to students making poster or oral presentations;

(2) Record of student successes at state, regional and/or national meetings;

(3) Recognition of mentoring excellence by the department, school, or other organizations can come in the form of letters, prior awards, and other documents.

Merle C. Prunty Student Scholarship: The Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers annually awards the Merle C. Prunty Scholarship to an outstanding undergraduate student from our region with the objective of encouraging talented undergraduate students to pursue professional careers in geography. Eligibility: Applicants must currently be juniors or seniors and enrolled as geography majors (or geography minors) in a college or university located within the Southeastern Division. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in pursuing a professional career or the clear potential to pursue academic work beyond the baccalaureate degree. Applicants are evaluated by the SEDAAG Honors Committee on the basis of scholastic record and professional promise.

Notification: Award recipients will be named at the Honors Ceremony at the 2020 Division virtual meeting. If not present, recipients and applicants will be informed of the outcome by e-mail.

Application Materials: Materials submitted in the application must include:

(1) A cover letter that includes a summary of educational background and academic honors;

(2) A full CV of the candidate;

(3) Letters of recommendation from three persons familiar with the applicant’s qualifications; and

(4) One copy of each undergraduate transcript inclusive of college course work through Summer 2019 for the Prunty Scholarship.

Deadline for all submissions, Friday, October 2nd.


Call For Nominations: SEDAAG VP, Secretary, and State Reps -GA, MS, NC, TN and VA

The Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers (SEDAAG) Nominations Committee is seeking individuals willing to serve as VICE PRESIDENT and SECRETARY. These positions are two-year terms beginning immediately after our 2020 SEDAAG Virtual Conference in November. We are also seeking STATE REPRESENTATIVES for Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. These positions are also two-year terms beginning immediately after the upcoming meeting.

The Vice-President serves as Head of the Program Committee and as a member of the Executive Committee. Please contact the current Vice President, Bill Graves at for additional information.

The Secretary serves as a member of the Executive Committee and is responsible for communicating with members through the webpage, newsletter, and email. The Secretary also coordinates the election of SEDAAG officers and elected committees and takes meeting minutes. Updating the SEDAAG website is also a current the duty of the secretary. Please contact the current Secretary, Shrinidhi Ambinakudige at for additional information.

State representatives represent their state on the SEDAAG Steering Committee and prepare a state-of-geography annual report for their state. Please feel free to contact Lynn Resler at or any of the current state reps for more information.

Nominations are due September 4, 2020. You may nominate yourself or another individual by emailing the nominations committee chair Dr. Thomas Chapman at Please provide the nominee’s name, institution, and email address. Nominees will be asked to submit a brief 1 paragraph biography for ballot purposes that includes their involvement with SEDAAG. Members of SEDAAG will then vote for these positions via an online poll. State Representatives will be elected by the voting membership of the respective states.