John Fraser Hart Award, Best Ph.D. Student Paper

For nomination guidelines, please follow the link to the SEDAAG Awards Page.

The following distinguished Geography students have been awarded the John Fraser Hart Award for the best Ph.D. paper since 2002.

2022Sarah JacksonUniv. of South Carolina
2020Yasin Wahid RabbyUniv. of Tennessee – Knoxville
2019Jordan BrasherUniv. of Tennessee – Knoxville
2018Douglas L. AllenFlorida State Univ.
2018Stephanie J. MundisUniv. of Florida
2017Maegen RochnerUniv. of Tennessee – Knoxville
2015Pete AkersUniv. of Georgia
2014Ronnie SchumannUniv. of South Carolina
2013Derek MartinUniv. of Tennessee
2012Whalen W. DillonUniv. of North Carolina – Charlotte
2010Kunwar SinghUniv. of North Carolina – Charlotte
2009Tomas VaclavikUniv. of North Carolina – Charlotte
2008Katie PriceUniv. of Georgia
2007Joni DownsFlorida State Univ.
2006Joshua InwoodUniv. of Georgia
2005Josh DurkeeUniv. of Georgia
2005Robert A. YarbroughUniv. of Georgia
2004Walker S. AshleyUniv. of Georgia
2003Katherine B. HankinsUniv. of Georgia
2002Kieron BaileyUniv. of Kentucky
2002Neely L. LawUniv. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill