Research Honors Award

This award recognizes those individuals who have (1) A significant record of quality research and publication in scholarly journals, books, and other appropriate formats. This record may reflect the cumulative work of several years or the publication of important contributions in a shorter period of time; (2) Evidence of research leadership at both an institutional (college, university, industry) and organizational level (professional associations) where scholarly papers are presented and students and colleagues are advised.

The following distinguished Geographers have been awarded the SEDAAG Research Honors Award since 1987

Year Recipient Institution
1987 Charles Aiken University of Tennessee
1988 James O. Wheeler University of Georgia
1989 Edward J. Malecki University of Florida
1992 Clifton W. Pannell University of Georgia
1993 Robert E. Lloyd University of South Carolina
1994 Gerald F. Pyle University of North Carolina, Charlotte
1995 John Paul Jones III University of Kentucky
Vernon Meentemeyer University of Georgia
Jonathan D. Phillips East Carolina University
1996 Stanley D. Brunn University of Kentucky
1997 Barney Warf Florida State University
1998 Owen Furuseth University of North Carolina, Charlotte
1999 Stephen Walsh University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2000 Gerald Webster University of Alabama
2001 Graham Tobin University of South Florida
2002 Chor-Pang Lo University of Georgia
2003 Kathleen Parker University of Georgia
2005 John Pickles University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2006 Derek Alderman East Carolina University
Albert Parker University of Georgia
2007 Ann Oberhauser West Virginia University
2008 Andrew Herod University of Georgia
2009 Paul A. Knapp University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Peter T. Soulé Appalachian State University
2010 Scott Curtis East Carolina University
2011 John Kupfer University of South Carolina
2012 Jonathan I. Leib Old Dominion University
2013 Carl “Andy” Reese University of Southern Mississippi
2014 Nik Heynen University of Georgia
2015 Deepak Mishra University of Georgia
2016 Burrell E. Montz East Carolina University
2017 Stephen Hanna University of Mary Washington
2018 Jennifer Collins University of South Florida
2019 Selima Sultana University of North Carolina Greensboro