Best Undergraduate Student Poster

The following distinguished Geography undergraduate students have been awarded the Best Undergraduate Poster Award since 2010

Year Recipient Institution
2010 Zachary Wehrmann Univ. of Mary Washington
  Vincent D. Walker Univ. of South Alabama
2012 Taylor D. Holden Univ. of Richmond
2013 Paul Lemiuex Univ. of Tennessee
  Ethan Bottone Univ. of Mary Washington
2014 Nate Lawrence Concord University
2015 Elisa Sperandio Concord University
  Katie Testerman Concord University
2016 Patrick Thomason Samford University
2018 Timothy K. Kinlaw Appalachian State Univ.
2020 Sierra Moore Virginia Tech
  Lilian Hutchens Univ. of South Carolina
2021 Sanica Manglorkar Georgia State Univ.
  Caleb Dale Samford Univ.