Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominees for this award should meet the following criteria:

  1. An extensive record of research and publication in scholarly journals, books, and other appropriate formats;
  2. A record of excellence in teaching and advising as evidenced by teaching awards, students advised, and other appropriate measures;
  3. A record of service contributions to the individual’s educational institution in the form of administrative positions, committee work, and community contact;
  4. A record of support to the geography profession, whether through formal services to international, national, or regional organizations or informal work in the public domain.

For nomination guidelines, please follow the link to the SEDAAG Awards Page.

The following distinguished Geographers have been awarded the SEDAAG Lifetime Achievement Award since 1987.

2023Michael PretesUniversity of North Alabama
2022John KupferUniversity of South Carolina
2021Bobby Wilson (Posthumous)University of Alabama
2020James (Jim) CampbellVirginia Tech
2019Derek AldermanUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville
2018Clifton ‘Skeeter’ Dixon,University of Southern Mississippi
2018Allan JamesUniversity of South Carolina
2016Thomas L. BellUniversity of Tennessee
2015Kavita PanditUniversity of Georgia
2014Sally HornUniversity of Tennessee
2013Carol HardenUniversity of Tennessee
2012Kathleen ParkerUniversity of Georgia
2011Gerald WebsterUniversity of Wyoming
2010Graham A. TobinUniversity of South Florida
2009Tyrel G. MooreUniversity of North Carolina, Charlotte
2008Jess McKeeUniversity of Southern Mississippi
2007Stephen WalshUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
2006Owen FurusethUniversity of North Carolina-Charlotte
2006Stanley BrunnUniversity of Kentucky
2005C.P. LoUniversity of Georgia
2005Neal LinebackAppalachian State University
2004Vernon G. MeentemeyerUniversity of Georgia
2002J. Dennis LordUniversity of North Carolina, Charlotte
2001Risa PalmUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2000James O. WheelerUniversity of Georgia
1999Ron AblerAssociation of American Geographers
1996Morton D. WinsbergFlorida State University
1995Stephen S. BirdsallUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1994Charles F. KovacikUniversity of South Carolina
1993Karl B. RaitzUniversity of Kentucky
1989Sam B. HilliardLouisiana State University
1987John Fraser HartUniversity of Minnesota