Best Master’s Student Paper

The following distinguished Geography students have been awarded the Best Masters Paper Award since 2002.

Year RecipientInstitution
2023Bryttani WootenUniv. North Carolina – Chapel Hill
2022Mashoukur RahamanUniv. of Florida
2021Avery CatherwoodUniv. of North Carolina -Greensboro
2020 Reagan Yessler Univ. of Tennessee – Knoxville
2019 Nabeela Farhat Univ. of North Carolina – Greensboro
2018 Tyler J. Mitchell Univ. of North Carolina Greensboro
2017 Montana A. Eck Appalachian State Univ.
2016 Keith E. Watkins Univ. of North Carolina – Greensboro
2015 Helen Rosko Univ. of Tennessee
2014 Maegen Rochner Univ. of Tennessee
2013 Thomas Patterson Univ. of North CarolinaGreensboro
2012 Linwood E. Hall East Carolina Univ.
2010 Lixin Wang Univ. of Georgia
2009 Chris Kaase Appalachian State Univ.
Ginette Wessel Univ. of North Carolina – Charlotte
2008 Katherine Renken East Carolina Univ.
2007 Terri Moreau East Carolina Univ.
2006 Sallie Vaughn East Carolina Univ.
2005 Sarah Schwartz Univ. of South Carolina
2004 Danny Redo Univ. of Southern Mississippi
2003 W. Jefferson West II Univ. of Kentucky
2002 Scott Markwith Univ. of Georgia