SEDAAG Florence, AL meeting postponed to 2021, & 2020 meeting will be a virtual meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Given the uncertainties of travel, safety, and budgets in Fall 2020, we announce that our in-person Florence, AL meeting scheduled for November 22-23, 2020 will be postponed to November 2021.  We are disappointed that we will not have an in-person gathering at a time when many of us seek the comfort of community, but feel this decision is in the best interest of our attendees.

We are excited, however, to announce that we are moving to a virtual conference presence for the 2020 SEDAAG Annual Meeting! The board is in the process of gathering ideas about ways to make this online meeting a truly “SEDAAG-style” gathering; we seek to celebrate the strong community of SEDAAG, and especially, to highlight our student members.  We also seek an accessible, economical meeting.

To this end, we encourage your input. What would YOU like to see in a virtual SEDAAG meeting? We seek your general input, but also input on meeting timing, such as preferred dates and days of the week. We understand that the Fall 2020 semester will end at different times for different universities.  We would like to know about any special considerations you may have in light of adjusted university or professional schedules.  Please send your comments/suggestions to Bill Graves (, SEDAAG Vice President.

Finally, we can preliminarily announce that our 2022 SEDAAG Meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA! We will provide more information on the 2020 meeting, and all future meetings as information becomes available.

Thanks to All,

Lynn Resler

President, SEDAAG