Results of 2019 SEDAAG Elections Announced

The results of the 2019 elections for various positions are out. The new officers will begin their terms following the conclusion of the 2019 SEDAAG meeting in Wilmington, NC:

President: Lynn Resler – Virginia Tech.
Treasurer: Amy Potter– Georgia Southern University.
Alabama State Rep: Caroline McClure – University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.
Florida State Rep: Cynthia Simmons – University of Florida.
Kentucky State Rep: Peggy Gripshover – Western Kentucky University.
South Carolina State Rep: Conor Harrison – University of South Carolina.
West Virginia State Rep: Jamison Conley – West Virginia University.
Congratulations to the new officers and we look forward to seeing everyone in Wilmington, NC in November.

Shrinidhi Ambinakudige – Secretary
The Executive Team