Introducing Southeastern Geographer’s new editorial team

As in the incoming editors of Southeastern Geographer, we would like to introduce ourselves and our vision for the journal, and invite you contribute in many ways and sundry to SEDAAG’s flagship regional journal.

It is a privilege and an honor to continue in the footsteps of past editors Jim Wheeler, Derek Alderman, Scott Lecce, Graham Tobin, Robert Brinkmann, David Cochran and Andy Reese. Their hard work and savvy innovations, including the move to quarterly publication, the linkage with UNC Press, the inclusion in Project Muse, and the publication of timely and well-received special issues, have positioned the journal as the most cited regional geography journal out there. We wish to thank the SEDAAG leadership for selecting us to manage Southeastern Geographer for the next four years.

During our editorial term, we look forward to building on the rich history of the journal to expand the journal’s visibility as a site of presentation and debate over what we would think of pluralistically as ‘southern geographies’. To that end, we invite a mix of paper submissions that engage with conditions and events in the ‘south’ (broadly construed) as they relate to processes, flows, and conditions that extend across the country, continent and globe. We also invite ideas for special issues, as well as suggestions for forging stronger links between the journal and SEDAAG’s annual meeting. In short, we look forward, with your help, to continuing the important work of expanding the readership and enhancing the profile of the journal.

About the new editorial team:

Co-Editor Dr. Hilda Kurtz is an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia, with research interests in alternative food politics and multi-scaled processes of racialization. Hilda is a past member of Southeastern Geographer’s editorial board, currently serves on the board of the University of Georgia Press and is a reviewer for [15] national and international journals. Hilda has been a member of SEDAAG since 2003, serving in a number of elected positions within the organization.


Co-editor Dr. Deepak Mishra is an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia, with research expertise in the application of geospatial science to monitor vegetation and water resources in the southeastern U.S. Deepak currently serves on the Editorial board of two international journals, GIScience and Remote Sensing and Remote Sensing and is an active reviewer for 34 international journals.


Book Review Editor Andy Walter is an associate professor of geography at the University of West Georgia, with research interests in social justice, food politics and faith-based organizing He has served on editorial board of Studies in the Social Sciences, reviews for numerous national and international journals, and has been a member of SEDAAG since 2002.


Editorial Assistant Claire Bolton is a doctoral candidate in human geography at the University of Georgia. Claire’s research investigates social justice organizing in Atlanta. Claire brings seven years of relevant professional and academic experience to her work for the journal, including editing work for the National Consumer Law Center, the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee.


Editorial Assistant Nancy O’Hare is a doctoral candidate in physical geography at the University of Georgia. Nancy brings experience as a field ecologist to her work applying remote sensing and GIS to natural resource management issues in coastal Georgia. Nancy is well-versed in the process of producing peer-reviewed and other research publications.


Spanish Translator Adriana Rincon Villegas is a doctoral student at the University of Georgia who holds a 2009 law degree from the Universidad  Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota, Colombia. Her research examines processes of transitional justice in Colombia. She served on the editorial team of the journal Anuario Justicia y Razon, published by the school of Law at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.


Again, we look forward to managing Southeastern Geographer for the next four years, and invite comment, discussion, and ideas for further enhancing the profile of one of the discipline’s most significant regional journals.

Best wishes,

Hilda, Deepak, Andy, Nancy, Claire and Adriana