Organizing a Special Session or Panel Discussion

Special sessions and panel discussions are a valuable contribution to SEDAAG and a way to build professional networks as well as cast light on cutting-edge themes, theories, and methods. Organizers of special sessions or panels should adhere to the following additional guidelines:

Special session and panel plans (see next paragraph) should be submitted by Friday, September 13, 2023, and the abstracts to be submitted online by authors on Friday, September 13, 2023. This earlier date will give the program committee adequate time to read special session and panel plans and address any questions.

Time and space constraints dictate that a special poster session should have a minimum of four papers, but ideally five papers.

Special Session or Panel Plan

Organizers of special session or panels need to provide a draft special-session or panel plan. Please submit your organized session plan here:

In the Word document, please include:

  • Session or Panel title,
  • Session/panel chair name, affiliation, and email address
  • Intended paper titles for the special session, with all authors’ names, affiliations, email addresses, and titles of their papers
  • Panelists’ names, affiliations, and email addresses.
  • The order in which you want to the papers to be presented (if applicable).

Participants in special sessions should also make sure to submit their individual paper abstracts by the Friday, September 13, 2023, deadline.  Please make sure that all your participants put the same name in the “Special Session or Panel Title and Description” when they are submitting.