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All submissions must be submitted via the AAG Abstract Management System.


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Paper, poster, and panel proposal submissions should include a 250 word abstract.  These abstracts will be published on the web. Authors are responsible for editing and proofreading their own abstracts; they will be posted as written.

  • Each abstract is limited to 250 words.
  • Abstracts must describe the presentation’s purpose, methods, and conclusions.
  • Do not use bulleted lists, underlining, boldface type, italics, subscripts, or superscripts.
  • Do not include any codes for justification, hyphenation, line height, line centering, margins, spacing, fonts, page centering, page numbering, suppression, or tabs, in your abstract.
  • Do not include your name, affiliation, phone number, or e-mail address in the body of the abstract.


  • Keywords may be compound (such as “political geography”).
  • Keywords should generally be nouns instead of adjectives or adverbs.
  • Keywords must be separated by commas.

Posters – Additional Information:

Similar to papers, posters need a 250 word abstract submitted to the Abstract Management Portal [Submit Abstract Here] for inclusion in the meeting program.

Poster sessions will follow a Guided Poster Session format which is a recorded short oral summary of the problem, data, method, and findings of the poster format. Poster sessions offer the opportunity for one-on-one or small group discussion with interested listeners.


All submissions must be submitted to no later than Friday, October 9th, 2020.

 Review and Notification:

Submissions are subject to peer-review. Abstracts will be screened for appropriateness and completeness before they are accepted for inclusion in the annual meeting program. Inclusion in the program is subject to this acceptance.

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