Meeting Policies

Event Conduct Policy

Professional ideas and information are exchanged most effectively at the SEDAAG Annual Meeting and other SEDAAG events in an atmosphere free of discrimination or harassment and characterized by courtesy and respect. To that end, the SEDAAG expects all individuals who attend the regional conference (either virtually or in-person) or who participate in other SEDAAG-sponsored events to conduct themselves in a manner that establishes an atmosphere free from discriminatory practices. All participants are expected to treat others with respect and consideration, follow venue rules, and alert staff or security when they have knowledge of dangerous situations, violations of this Event Conduct Policy, or individuals in distress. This Conduct Policy applies to all attendees and participants at any SEDAAG-sponsored event, including in online venues, and at SEDAAG-sponsored meeting social events. All who register to participate, attend, speak at, or exhibit at an SEDAAG event agree to comply with this Policy.

Registrants for the Virtual Conference Agree to Be Recorded in Sessions

By participating as a presenter or audience member in this digital environment, you agree to be recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded, please do not participate.
Your participation in SEDAAG virtual sessions indicates consent to the following terms regarding aspects of the virtual session:
SEDAAG session organizers may record the presentations by video and audio. Any recordings will be made available for 30 days after the meeting.
Presenters must have rights to the content in their presentation and thus give SEDAAG copyright permission to promote the materials and/or recording to AAG websites and to SEDAAG accounts on third-party websites (including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn). Presenters retain all ownership rights, including copyright, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property of content uploaded to these sites.
Presenters have no right of approval, no claim for compensation, and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based upon invasion of privacy, defamation, or right of publicity) arising out of or in connection with, any use, alteration, or use in any composite form. Presenters agree and acknowledge that in the event any claims of action arise with respect to their materials or any other actions related to participation in the conference, they act in sole and individual capacity and that SEDAAG does not assume liability for presenters and audience member actions hereunder. See SEDAAG’s event conduct policy.

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