Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes those individuals who have (1) Evidence of exceptional professional commitment to geography at any level, including service to professional organizations; colleges and universities; primary and secondary education; local, state, or national government; private business and industry; (2) Examples of worthy contributions include but are not limited to appointed or elected professional offices, journal editorships, professional organization committees, speaking or otherwise providing leadership in a variety of public forums, and publication in the popular press.

The following distinguished Geographers have been awarded the SEDAAG Outstanding Service Award since 1987

Year Recipient Institution
1987 Donald Patton University of Florida
Sidney Jumper University of Tennessee
Harm de Blij Miami University
1990 Stephen S. Birdsall University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1991 Neal G. Lineback Appalachian State University
1992 Stanley Brunn University of Kentucky
1993 James O. Wheeler University of Georgia
1994 J. Dennis Lord University of North Carolina, Charlotte
1995 Janet E. Kodras Florida State University
1996 Jesse O. McKee University of Southern Mississippi
David C. Weaver University of Alabama
1997 Dennis L. Spetz University of Louisville
1998 Thomas Bell University of Tennessee
1999 Howard G. Johnson Jacksonville State University
2000 Truman Hartshorn Georgia State University
2001 John J. Winberry University of South Carolina
2002 Lizbeth Ann Pyle West Virginia University
2003 Tyrel “Tink” Moore University of North Carolina, Charlotte
2005 Kavita Pandit University of Georgia
2006 Ron Mitchelson East Carolina University
2007 Gerald Webster University of Wyoming
2008 Donald Zeigler Old Dominion University
2009 Laurence W. Carstensen Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
2010 Jonathan I. Leib Old Dominion University
2011 Derek Alderman East Carolina University
2014 Hilda Kurtz University of Georgia
2015 Doug Gamble University of North Carolina, Wilmington
2016 David M. Cochran, Jr University of Southern Mississippi
Carl A. Reese University of Southern Mississippi
2017 Kathleen Schroeder Appalachian State University
2018 Eric Fournier Samford University
2019 Deepak Mishra University of Georgia
2020 Katherine Hankins Georgia State University