Membership dues for the Regional Division are separate from dues paid to the American Association of Geographers.  One can hold membership in one without holding membership in the other.  However, SEDAAG dues are especially reasonable financially and dues entitle members to participate in the annual meeting and a subscription to Southeastern Geographer.

Membership Application and Institutional Subscriptions

One Year Regular Membership:

One Year Regular Membership (Foreign):

One Year Student Membership:

One Year Student Membership (Foreign):

One Year Retired Membership:

One Year Retired Membership (Foreign):

One Year Family/Joint Membership:

One Year Family/Joint Membership (Foreign):

One Year Institutional Subscription to Southeastern Geographer:

One Year Institutional Subscription to Southeastern Geographer

*Couples who join together receive only one set of publications, but both receive member rates at the annual meeting.
*Foreign prices include shipping.

Note that memberships are for one year.
For inquiries regarding your current membership/subscription status, contact Suzi Waters, UNC Press (919) 962-4201 or via email at

Mail in option:
2014SEDAAG_MembershipForm (PDF)
Please download form, print, complete and mail to:

The University of North Carolina Press
Journals Department
116 South Boundary Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514