2019 – Southeastern Geographer 4th Annual Cover Art Photo Contest

Southeastern Geographer 4th Annual Cover Art Photo Contest 

Each issue of the Southeastern Geographer includes a front-cover photograph of the American South by a member of SEDAAG accompanied by a short essay. To solicit images for the upcoming year, the Southeastern Geographer will hold a photo contest to select the potential covers for the four issues. The photos will be judged by conference attendees with ballots distributed to SEDAAG members in their registration packet. Attendees will be asked to vote by 5 p.m. on Monday with the winners announced at the SEDAAG Awards Banquet. 

 To enter a photo in the contest: 

Send by email a high-resolution digital photograph and a maximum 150-word description of the geographic phenomenon related to the American South captured or evoked in the photograph to Southeastern Geographer Editors at (segedit@uncg.edu) by midnight on November 18, 2019. Please indicate “SEDAAG Photo Contest 2019” in the subject line. 

For the SEDAAG meeting, bring a high-quality print of the photograph on 8×11 photo paper, and the 150 word abstract on a separate 8×11 page.