Merle C. Prunty Scholarship Award

The following distinguished Geography students have been awarded the Merle C. Prunty Scholarship since 1999

1999 Tamara Johnson University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2000 Joseph Morris University of North Carolina, Charlotte
2001 Anthony P. Foisy Virginia Tech
2002 Lindsey N. Williams University of Georgia
Anthony Robinson East Carolina University
2003 Gwyneth Moody University of Georgia
2004 Dana Marie Goins University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Marcia Hsu University of Georgia
2005 Sol Wuensch East Carolina University
2007 Sara Nicholson University of Southern Mississippi
2008 Laura Paulik University of Georgia
2009 Jason Jones University of Southern Mississippi
2010 Cal R. Scheinert East Carolina University
2011 Justin Frazier Old Dominion University
2012 Camille Parker Gregory University of Georgia
2013 Alexandra Horst University of Georgia
2014 Sarah Mirza University of Georgia
2015 Kati Perry University of Southern Mississippi