2014 Nominees for SEDAAG Regional Councilor



Bill Graves (Ph.D., 2000, University of Georgia) is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at UNC Charlotte. His research interests are in economic and urban geography, particularly as they relate to the growth of the American South. He has coedited a book on Globalization and Charlotte, various articles in Southeastern Geographer as well as The Professional Geographer, Urban Geography, The Journal of Urban Affairs, GeoJournal and the North Carolina Geographer. Dr. Graves has served as editor of The Industrial Geographer, as well as on the editorial boards of the Southeastern Geographer and the International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research.  Dr. Graves has attended every SEDAAG annual meeting (and nearly every business meeting) since 1993. His participation in the annual meeting has included presenter, discussant, session organizer, field trip leader and local arrangements. His formal service to SEDAAG includes serving on the following committees: the Audit (Chair), Local Arrangements (Charlotte), Honors, Nominations (Chair), Program (x3) and Southern Studies. He has indirectly served SEDAAG as a frequent reviewer of the James O. Wheeler student travel award and as director of the Catawba Valley Geographical Societies’ SEDAAG student travel award. Most recently he served as the Chair of the Local Arrangements committee for the 2012 meeting in Asheville.

Jonathan Leib (Ph.D., 1992, Syracuse University) is an Associate Professor and Geography Program Director in the Department of Political Science & Geography at Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Virginia. He has taught at Old Dominion since 2008.  Before that, he taught at Florida State University from 1995 to 2008, and Georgia Southern University from 1992 to 1995.  He has served as Program Director at ODU since 2009, and served as Graduate Program Director at FSU from 2002 to 2006.  Jonathan has served the discipline in a variety of capacities.  In SEDAAG, he has served as SEDAAG Vice President & Annual Meeting Program Chair, Secretary, and as a member of the editorial board of the Southeastern Geographer.  At the national level, Jonathan has served the AAG as Chair of the Study of the American South Specialty Group, as well as served on the Board of the Political Geography Specialty Group and Chaired the PGSG Nominations Committee.  At the National Council for Geographic Education, Jonathan served for three years as editor of the NCGE’s flagship research publication, the Journal of Geography.  Among his awards are three from SEDAAG (Research Honors [2012], Outstanding Service [2010], and Southeastern Geographer Outstanding Article [2007, with Thomas Chapman and Gerald Webster] and two from the NCGE (Distinguished Teaching Achievement [2005] and Best Article Related to Teaching at the College Level [2000]).  Jonathan’s research interests include political geography, cultural geography, and the American South, with an emphasis on the politics of identity and memory. His research has appeared in journals such as The Professional Geographer, Political Geography, Geographical Review, Cultural Geographies, and Journal of Geography.  He has authored or co-authored eight articles which have been published in the Southeastern Geographer.  He is also co-editor of the books   Revitalizing Electoral Geography (2011, Ashgate) and Teaching Political Geography (1998, NCGE), and was managing editor for the six-volume Encyclopedia of Geography series (2010, Sage).

Burrell Montz (Ph.D., 1980, University of Colorado) is Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment at East Carolina University. Her research centers on natural hazards and on water resources management. Dr. Montz’s service to the university includes membership on two Dean search committees and chair of a department chair review committee, among others. Dr. Montz has served SEDAAG on the Honors Committee and as a member of the Southeastern Geographer editorial board. For the AAG, she has chaired the Hazards and Water Resources Specialty Groups and was part of a subcommittee of the Commission on the Status of Women in Geography. Most recently, she served on the local arrangements committee for the Tampa meeting, and in that role co-coordinated relevant articles for the Newsletter.  Dr. Montz is currently 1st Vice-President of Gamma Theta Upsilon.


Thomas Mote (Ph.D., 1994, University of Nebraska) is Professor and Head of the Department of Geography at the University of Georgia.  He has been a member of the department since 1994 and department head since 2011.  Dr. Mote is the chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the 2014 SEDAAG meeting in Athens, GA.  He has previously served on the SEDAAG Honors Committee, and as session chair and discussant at SEDAAG annual meetings.  At the national level, he has served as session organizer or chair at multiple AAG meetings, a member of the AAG Grants Committee, an AAG specialty group chair, and an AAG specialty group director.  He has participated in three of the AAG Leadership Workshops.  He has taken other service roles at the national level, including the National Research Council and University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, and he has served on review panels for NASA and NOAA.  Dr. Mote’s current research activities include the application of remote sensing and environmental modeling in hydroclimatology on projects from the tropics to the polar regions.  He has received funding from NOAA, NASA, NSF, USDA, and DoE in support of his work.  In his most recent project, he leads a team of geographers, hydrologists, glaciologists, and oceanographers on a NASA Interdisciplinary Sciences grant to study interactions between the atmosphere, cryosphere and oceans.  His research has resulted in more than 70 publications in Professional Geographer, Physical Geography, Geographical Analysis, Journal of Climate, International Journal of Climatology, Journal of Geophysical ResearchWater Resources Research, Journal of Applied Meteorology and ClimatologyAtmospheric Research, and Monthly Weather Review, among other outlets.  He has served as an editor for Geography Compass, and he continues to serve as editor for the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology.  He has taught a variety of courses in physical geography, climatology, and remote sensing over his career.  Dr. Mote frequently works internationally, and he was a Fulbright Scholar to the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil in 2008.  He has received awards both for outstanding teaching and outstanding academic advising from the University of Georgia.  In 2013, he was a recipient of the Creative Research Medal from the University of Georgia.

Selima Sultana (Ph.D., 2000, University of Georgia) is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies of Geography at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro (UNCG).  She has been an active member of SEDAAG and AAG since 1996 and has participated on several SEDAAG committees including the Honors, Program, Steering, Resolution, and Nomination Committees. She has organized many sessions for SEDAAG and AAG annual meetings and served as a session chair and panelist at SEDAAG and AAG conferences. Dr. Sultana has also served as the Secretary and President of the North Carolina Geographical Society, Chair and two terms as a board member of the Transport Geography Specialty Group (TGSG), and as the Secretary of the Ethnic Geography Specialty Group (EGSG) of the AAG. She served on the editorial board of the Professional Geographer and on the scientific committee of the Network on European Communications and Transport Activities Research (NECTAR) group. Dr. Sultana has reviewed numerous manuscripts for notable journals, NSF, and is an advisory board member of the Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN), which addresses various environmental and transportation problems related to current urbanization patterns in Bangladesh. Her service to UNCG includes the Faculty Senate, University and College Promotion and Tenure committees, and College Faculty Diversity Committee. Prior to appointment at UNCG, Dr. Sultana was an Assistant Professor at Auburn University where she was a member of the Auburn University Peak of Excellence Research Group, and served as the Vice-chair for the Urban and Planning Division of the Alabama Academy of Science. Her research foci are in the area of Urban and Transportation Geography interested in the commuting patterns of individuals, households, and among different race/ethnic groups, focusing on how people negotiate the conflicting demands of household responsibilities and the changing urban settings of their lives. She is also interested in children’s transportation and sustainable urban form and the linkages to public health. Most recently she has worked with equity and accessibility regarding the location and utilization of National Parks by members of different racial and ethnic groups. Dr. Sultana’s work has appeared in the Annals, The Professional Geographer, Tourism Geographies, Urban Geography, Urban Studies, Journal of Transport Geography, Growth & Change, and the Southeastern Geographer. Her research has been supported by the Department of Transportation through the University Transportation Center of Alabama, Center for Sustainability at Auburn University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Guilford County Child Development.