2013 Undergraduate Poster Competition

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Call for submissions for the Undergraduate Poster Competition for the 2013 annual meeting of SEDAAG in Roanoke, VA November 24-26. Single authored undergraduate posters on any geographic topic will be accepted. Two $250 cash awards will be presented by the SEDAAG Education Committee. A primary criterion will be a well-defined research objective and a research procedure appropriate to achieving it. The paper should focus on one or more research questions and present at least a tentative answer. Papers without such a focus will be scored lower. Awards will also be based on content and visual design of the poster and the oral presentation by the student. Only single authored undergraduate posters will be accepted but the student may recognize additional collaborators and faculty advisors in the acknowledgements.


Undergraduate Poster Competition information submission and registration (www.sedaag.org) is due on Friday, September 6, 2013 (title and general information due on this date, abstract due later (see below)).


By midnight EST September 6th, Email the following information to Heidi.lannon@sfcollege.edu 

In the subject line of your submission email, please put “Undergraduate Poster Competition submission SEDAAG 2013”. In the body of your email, please include all the following information in the below format or your application will not be accepted:


A.    Name of student presenter (last name, first name)

B.     Title of poster

C.     Affiliation

D.    Complete mailing address

E.     Email address

F.     Phone number

G.    Name of Faculty advisor

H.    Email address of Faculty advisor


For example:

A.    Smith, Jane

B.     On the Biogeography of Penguins

C.    University of Virginia at Pungo

D.   Department of Geography

University of Virginia at Pungo

Pungo, Virginia 23456

E.    jsmith@uvapungo.edu

F.      Cell 205-215-2255

G.    Dr. Jennifer Rahn

H.    JRahn@uvapungo.edu


Submissions received after this deadline will not be accepted for consideration.

Submissions received without SEDAAG registration will not be accepted for consideration.

(Be sure to register for SEDAAG before you submit your poster application!!!)


Undergraduate Poster Competition Abstract Submission - due Friday, October 4, 2013.

All submissions are to be emailed to Heidi Lannon at Heidi.lannon@sfcollege.edu . In the subject line of your submission email, please put “Undergraduate Poster Competition Abstract SEDAAG 2013”. In the body of your email, please follow the below directions.


  1. Poster title
  2. Your name (last, first)
  3. Your affiliation
  4. Your abstract (see below)

Abstract Format. All submissions must be accompanied by a single-spaced abstract that is no longer than 200 words total. Abstracts must begin with the paper title, followed by the author’s name, and institutional affiliation(s). This is followed by the body of the abstract. If the abstract contains more than one paragraph, leave two spaces between paragraphs. Use 12-point type fonts and left-justify your abstract only and use single spacing. Abstracts will be reformatted for listing on the web, so please do not embed unnecessary formatting in the abstract. Such formatting may cause extra work in processing or glaring discrepancies in the final format. Authors are responsible for editing and proofreading their abstracts; they will be listed as submitted. Again, only left-justify your abstract and use single spacing.


Poster set-up. Stands for presenting posters will be provided by SEDAAG. As in previous years, poster dimensions will be 36” x 48” . Materials should be of professional quality and legible from a distance of three feet. Text should be confined to brief statements.